DIY for hand painted Macarons

Hand painted macarons with gold and a large pink rose

DIY for hand painted Macarons. A great way to make something special for a wedding, baby shower or any festive occasion. In this blogpost I’ll share a few that I’ve made myself but also tell you what you need to make them yourself. Baking and creating art have been huge hobbies of mine since childhood. So therefore I strive to find new ways of combining them. I have always liked to bake, cook, draw, paint, work with clay and do crafts in general. So it’s only natural that the day would come when I started illustrating my baked goods. And that day came when I was getting married a few years ago.

Hand painted macarons for wedding, wedding bouquet and champagne

I wanted to make something special for that day, so I came up with the idea to paint some Macarons that I had baked. It was lovely to enjoy these with some Champagne during a break on our wedding photoshoot. And let me tell you, I was hooked right away.

Gold painted macarons

At first I continued my new habit of painting Macarons only for special occasions. But, it soon came to be my go-to project when I want to wind down. I find it so mindful and calming when I do it just for fun and the hours fly away since I get into such a state of flow.

Hand painted macarons with flowers

And don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t painted a lot before. You can make it as simple or intricate as you like. It gives a nice effect to write text, paint flowers, splash some color or just dust them with shimmer. It’s literally nothing but your imagination that sets the boundaries. That and not soaking the Macarons of course. But I’ll get into the details of how to paint them and what you need next.

Hand painted macarons with leaves
What you need and how to do it
  • Use high quality paintbrushes that are safe to use with food.
  • As for colors, I prefer edible paste or gel varieties that have a high concentration of pigments. I usually buy a pack with the primary colors at least so that it’s possible to mix my own shades. I take a small amount of each color with a toothpick and put it on a plate.
  • Alcohol is usually recommended for painting cookies since it evaporates, but I have found it to work fine with water as well. I put the water or alcohol in small container and also place a piece of tissue or paper next to it. Regardless of if you choose alcohol or water you must be cautious not to soak the Macaron, therefore I use the paper to absorb excess liquid before painting my strokes.
  • When you have this set up, all you need is the star of the show. The Macaron. You can buy it or make it yourself, whatever you prefer.
Edible food coloring and paint brushes

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources for inspiration, so check it out if you don’t have an idea of what you want to make. I’ll also be sharing more of these on my Instagram account, so follow me there if you don’t do it already. Personally I prefer to have a clear vision of what I want to achieve before I begin and I then proceed by building the colors gradually and just have fun with it. There’s no right or wrong and remember, we’re all beginners at some point. You can always add more color, but tread lightly since there’s no going backwards when it comes to Macarons.

Hand painted macarons with a pink rose

And on that note, don’t make your first attempt for your big day if you have no experience of painting. Then there’s a risk that it will induce stress rather than joy. Instead I recommend trying it out a few times without pressure. This is a DIY for hand painted Macarons as well as my personal guide for relaxing. Put on some music and make a cup of tea or something that you like to drink. And lastly just enjoy and let your creativity flow.

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