Easy and healthy banana pancakes

Banana pancakes with berries

As a mum I often try to create nutritious recipes that the whole family loves, and these yummy, easy and healthy banana pancakes sure ticks all the boxes. Pancakes are great in so many ways, they’re easy to vary, small children can hold them in their hands and you can sneak in healthy ingredients without it being noticed. Therefore I will be sharing many differents kinds, but I’m starting off with these.

Preparing the batter only takes a minute or two when using a hand blender, and then you only need to cook the pancakes. When I’m in a rush, i take the batter and make scrambled banan pancakes instead. I don’t think that it tastes quite as good, but it’s definitely an option when you haven’t got time. The recipe gives one serving.


1 ripe banana
2 organic eggs
Butter or coconut oil for frying

  • Begin by peeling the banana and cracking the eggs.
  • Add the spices, or other flavoring if you prefer. You can replace it with vanilla powder, some cacao or berry powder for instance.
  • Then blend it completely smooth.
Banana pancake batter
  • Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat.
  • Ladle the batter onto the skillet into small pancakes (since they don’t contain flour they break easily if you make them to big).
  • Cook until the bottoms are golden, flip and continue to cook until cooked through.
  • Wipe the frying pan with tissue, and check if you need to lower the temperature slightly.
  • Then repeat all of the steps until the entire batch is cooked.
Golden brown and burnt banana pancakes

The left pancake is cooked on medium heat while the right one is cooked on high temperature for shorter time. As the picture shows, they burn easily, maybe because of the natural sugar in the banana. But they also don’t cook through in that time, so don’t feel tempted to turn up the heat.

Scrambled banan pancakes

If you are in a hurry, make them scrambled instead. That enables using a higher temperature and larger amount of batter. But you need to stir it continuously and still keep an eye out so it doesn’t start to look burnt.

Easy and healthy banana pancakes from above

They are super tasty as is, or with the condiments that you prefer. These easy and healthy banana pancakes are great as a snack for kids as well, so make a few extra and keep in the fridge for the afternoon.

Easy and healthy banana pancakes

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