About Creation by Vanessa

Hi there and welcome to Creation by Vanessa. I’m a home cook and baker with passion for food, photography and art. Baking, painting and drawing have all been hobbies of mine since childhood. And, I love how you can combine them through styling, plating and decorating. Oh, and don’t get me started on painting macarons, brush embroidery or crafting sugar paste models. That’s my kind of mindfulness and it will definitely put me in a state of flow. I love to develop recipes too but I’m bad at writing them down so this blog will be a great incentive for me to actually do that.

Besides making my own recipes I also like to tweak existing ones and put my own twist on them. Lastly I recreate dishes that I’ve enjoyed on restaurants or patisseries. Exploring different cuisines and trying flavorful food will most certainly spark my creativity, and that’s usually when my process begins. When creating or recreating I spend a lot of time perfecting a dish, trying to get the ingredients, spices and method just right. And, wether it’s sweet or savory, I like to work with balancing sweetness, tartness and saltiness as well as different textures.

So what is this blog about? Well, you’ll find recipes for cooking, baking and drinks here alongside with hacks and tutorials for decorating and styling. This is a work in progress and my goal is to make you feel inspired and find recipes suitable for both festive occasions and quick, easy everyday meals.

About Vanessa

I’m a digital content designer by profession. Briefly put that’s a graphic designer that creates content for digital channels. But, I do love to work with layout and design for print as well. I live in Stockholm and I’m available for work in the areas mentioned so feel free to head on over to my Instagram or Contact page if you want to get in touch with me. I’m happy to answer questions, read suggestions of what I should cover on the blog or talk about the prospect of collaborations.

I wish you the best of days, Vanessa