Caramel chocolate mousse cake

I hope that you'll enjoy this irresistible caramel chocolate mousse cake just as much as I do. This creation has a milk chocolate cream with a hint of licorice, a luscious salted caramel mousse and it's covered in a gorgeous chocolate ganache. To finish it all, sprinkle some almond flakes and raspberries as topping and serve with some lightly whipped cream.

Maple mousse pie with pecans

This maple mousse pie with pecans is a real treat. Firstly imagine the crust with taste of chocolate, pecans and browned butter. Secondly we move on to a smooth and luscious maple mousse enveloped by the crust. Lastly picture the caramelized Pecans, that gives the perfect crunch to it. I think that it's a really delicious pie (or cake) and there's actually a pinch of salt added to it, which enhances the flavor and brings it to yet another dimension. But of course, if you're not in to the whole sweet and salty mix, then you just exclude the salt or lower the amount.

Saffron biscuits with white chocolate and black currants

Saffron biscuits with white chocolate and black currants that are so tasty that you'll want to make them all year round. They pair perfectly with a cup of tea and are so tasty with some butter. Biscottis are such a nice treat in general and these are my favorites among them.Most often I make these for Christmas and they're perfect for any occasion, I also like to wrap them in cellophane and bring them as a gift to festivities.